Tendons Love Load

Once we are fairly certain we are dealing with a TENDON disorder… Where do we go from here?  The #1 rule to remember is that TENDONS LOVE LOAD. Absolute rest is rarely ever indicated for promoting tendon recovery. However, that does not mean that pushing through your normal training is magically going to heal it. […]

Injury Management: Bone vs. Soft Tissue Injuries

When faced with a new ache or pain, it is natural to try and figure out the cause. For runners, 90+% of the time it is due to some change in training load that likely was too much and/or too soon, and results in overuse type injury. One of the first determinations to make is […]

Injury Management

I’ve been dealing with some foot pain ever since the Spokane Half Marathon 2 weeks ago. It’s likely come up thanks to a combo of trying to recover from a marathon the month before and some inconsistent training in between. Whenever I have to go through the process of cutting back mileage and incorporating rehab […]

When Can I Start Training Again?

It’s been just over 2 weeks since racing in Bozeman, which for some reason is a “timeline” that the running community puts out there as appropriate for everyone to start training again after a big race. I am here to bet a significant amount of money (that I definitely don’t have) that: 99% of runners […]

Bozeman Marathon Recap

I feel it’s always important to take a minute to reflect on races – with how much time and effort we put into training, it’s funny how quickly we move on after they are over without celebrating strengths and considering weaknesses before focusing on the next challenge. Here are a few of my thoughts following […]

Coping Strategies for Taper Anxiety

I am heading into my second week of taper leading up to the Bozeman marathon and boy is the anxiety setting in. Taper week(s) are meant to be time for recovery and allow all those great weeks of training you have put in to solidify and be ready to throw down! However for many of […]

Things runners need to look for in a physical therapist

I hate when I have to include a disclaimer at the beginning of anything, but here we are: if you are seeing a PT and the situation I am about to describe sounds familiar, that DOES NOT make them a bad PT!  But here’s a dirty secret: THEY DON’T TEACH YOU HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE […]

Tempo Runs for Speed Training

We are wrapping up the first official week of training for Whitefish High School XC, and for the workout this week we spent some time with our athletes discussing tempo workouts, what they are, and why they are beneficial for your running. A tempo is a form of speed training that helps to build the body’s […]

What is AQI and how can it affect my running?

In many places throughout the country, ‘Summer’ is sadly becoming synonymous with ‘Wildfire Season’, drastically affecting our air quality. The Air Quality Index, or AQI, measures the level of pollution in the air and provides a quick and easy way to determine your level of risk to harmful particles. As runners, we are especially at […]

Strategies for Choosing a Running Shoe

Every runner’s favorite subject… SHOES. How do you choose your running shoes? Only buy a brand you love? The ones with the best colors? Whatever happens to be on clearance? There are many strategies for choosing a shoe, and so many options it can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips I give runners when […]