Choosing Running Shoes

Strategies for Choosing a Running Shoe

Every runner’s favorite subject… SHOES.

How do you choose your running shoes? Only buy a brand you love? The ones with the best colors? Whatever happens to be on clearance?

There are many strategies for choosing a shoe, and so many options it can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips I give runners when the question about shoes comes up.

Comfort always wins.
It doesn’t matter if in theory it is the “perfect” shoe for you – if you don’t love the feel, you wont be happy. Always put comfort first.

The “liner test” is a quick way to see if a shoe will fit your foot. Remove the inner line/sole from the shoe and place your foot on it. It should capture your whole foot, not allowing toes to fall outside the liner. Make sure those toes have room to wiggle!

Variety is the spice of life.
Fast shoes, recovery shoes, go-to trainers. It’s best to have a few to rotate through for different types of runs, and it also helps to prolong the life of your shoes.

Track Shoe Mileage.
The life of your shoe is not infinite. Some sources recommend anywhere from 250-500 miles on a shoe, but just like everything else, “it depends.” You can track your miles, but also looking for signs of wear on a shoe is helpful for tracking when it’s time for a new pair – if the tread is visibly wearing down on your shoes, you probably want to think about getting a new pair sooner than later. If your feet are more sore than usual after a run or you can “feel” every rock/groove you run over, might be time to go shopping. Listen to your body, and inspect your shoes regularly.

I like to put a reminder in my phone whenever I buy a new pair so I can track how long I have had them!

For other shoe questions or guidelines, drop a comment or send a message! Happy running!